Hello Barcelonan Mensans.

Thank you everyone for your help in getting me to Dr. Juan.  One talented person is worth 100 less talented, and in health care, you don’t want the lower 100 as they just make you worse.  Dr. Juan saw my problem right away and his POLD technique brought me great relief.

It’s hard to convey how much better I feel.  I can walk, stand, type, eat and even think better.  Everything is better.  His idea for a .75 cm. lift for the R heel was brilliant, and l like his cutting up office paper to fashion a lift then and there.

I will show his technique to my PT teachers, and I hope they will adopt it.  It is slow and easy, so the adjustment holds.  Chiropractic adjustments are so sharp and hard and fast, they fall out quickly.

Now I don’t worry about my back locking up in the airport, and if I ever get back to Barcelona, Dr. Juan is one of the main attractions I would return for.

Adjusted and grateful,

Jeff Gold